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MOMENTS OF MA (2018) is a spatial performance produced in the context of the research cycle Working With/In the Gap. The Japanese spatiotemporal concept of ma is commonly translated as the interval between two or more spatial or temporal things or events. Ma is not only used to suggest measurement, but also carries meanings such as ‘negative space’,‘void’, ‘opening’, ‘space between’, and ‘time between’. However, these
translations lack a full understanding of ma. Ma refers not just to a gap, but to the activity—the moment of kinetic and kinesthetic movement—that the gap allows for. In
MOMENTS OF MA, ma is made experiential by means of spatial and performative interventions.

In collaboration with artist Cocky Eek and students of the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague, this performance was presented at the Architecture Faculty of the TUDelft. 
The experimental process in prepartion towards the performance resulted in the publication Grasping Ma (2021). 

"I think that: this exhibition of performances is meant to be seen by architects. The performances are experiments in real space, they are 1:1 models presenting the experimental and sensuous aspects of the process of design(ing) itself."
Audience statement by Alexander Johannes Heil.

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