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EXPLORING BIOSCLEAVE (2018) is the result of an artist in residency at the Bioscleave House-Life Span Extending Villa in East Hampton, New York, as designed by Japanese and American artist-and-philosopher-turned-architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins. This residency, hosted by the Architectural Body Research Foundation (ABRF), led to a series of photographs and poems presented at Studio Anise in New York City.

Arakawa + Gins construct their, so-called, procedural architecture as process-oriented speculations to the way our moving bodies and environment mutually form and extend each other. They believe that when fully associating yourself with your architectural surrounds you can succeed in outliving your death sentences. For ten continuous days, I listened and moved with Bioscleave to explore 'life after death' and reverse destinies. 

"With unlimited curiosity and a sensitive openness, I listen, breath and move with Bioscleave House. It is as if I am the first person setting foot on the moon. 

By means of  purposeful hesitation a kinesthetic gap  in the relationship between movement and (self-)perception emerges as a spatiotemporal experience itself.

I can feel space-time stuttering, thickening, and becoming architecture."

Artist Statement by Renske Maria van Dam. 

Following the residency in Bioscleave, the Arakawa + Gins Tokyo Office (Coordinologist, Inc.) organized an invited residency at the Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka- In memory of Helen Keller in Tokyo, Japan. During this short stay, the sensorial fieldwork was continued. This resulted in the publication Yellow Sphere, how are you today? (2019).



May 2018, East Hampton, NY (USA)

Reversible Destiny Lofts

November 2018, Mitaka, Tokyo (JP)


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