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AI Murmurings Podcast

AI Murmerings just published a **new episode** in which Carolyn F. Strauss / Slow Research Lab and I speculate about the potentials of ‘working with/in the gap’ for artificial intelligence. Together we wonder how to imbue artificial agents with an enlivened sense of space.

Soft Shifts

In this episode Carolyn and I explore the ‘soft shifts’ afforded by Japanese approaches to space—including the enigmatic spatio-temporal interval ma—, the speculative architecture of Arakawa+Gins, and my own ‘unbalancing procedurals’ that draw us into dynamic reciprocity with the world around.

Architect and practice-based researcher Renske Maria van Dam challenges normative spatial paradigms with situated interventions that extend the sensorium and help our bodies access new realms of energy.

Carolyn F. Strauss / Slow Research Lab

AI Murmurings

In 2020, Slow Research Lab initiated the podcast AI MURMURINGS, a series of conversations exploring the 'murmuring becomings' of artificial intelligence.

AI Murmurings is podcast that explores intersections of contemporary art and artificial intelligence. The podcast is hosted by Carolyn F. Strauss, director of Slow Research Lab, and created in collaboration with the Australian Institute for Machine Learning and the Sia Furler Institute (both at the University of Adelaide) as part of a first-of-its-kind artistic research program called Art Intelligence.

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