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Matching & Meshing

You are cordially invited to Matching and Meshing, the final presentation of my residency at artist incubator See Lab in The Hague. On October 21st between 18.00-21.00 you are welcome at See Lab to explore these questions with me. At 19:00 I will give a talk, to share my work-in-progress. See Lab will open their bar, with soup, bread and drinks on the menu.

Matching & Meshing

As the result of a collaborative process, Matching & Meshing presents a spatial installation activated by the movements of the sun. The social sciences teach us that social understanding (empathy and sympathy) doesn’t emerge from the relation between minds, but rather in a process of coordinated actions between bodies. This process is referred to as mutual incorporation and is revealed through matching and meshing. Through the oscillation between

matches and mismatches, in-phase and phase-delayed states, two bodies coordinate with each other and start to perform in a synchronized manner. But, is it also possible to transfer this understanding of social interaction to the built environment? Can architecture re-activate mutual incorporation between our moving bodies and the movements of the sun?

See Lab

Artist Incubator See Lab in The Hague is an artist-run cultural center founded in 2016. See Lab offers a a beautiful and versatile venue for practitioners looking for an opportunity to try out and experiment with new work and exhibition formats. They particularly encourage practitioners who have a project in mind which requires open experimentation with scale and formats, and therefor perfectly fits my ambition to experiment with the format of the traditional exhibition as laboratory for daily research. See Labs Project Space and Garden offer a solid breading ground to experiment with my landing-scapes for radical care. Both inside and outside environment allow for body-environment experiments and interventions.

My sincere gratitude goes out to all who are participating, and contributing to this project: Leon Lapa Pereira, Jimmy Stegeman, Ellen Lili Vanderstraeten, Katerina Bakatsaki, Chris Cottrell, Marta Beauchamp, Robbie Meertens, Rachel Schuit, Felix Bodin, Vivien Vuong, Saskia Pouwels,

Carolien van der Schoot, Jellie Klaster, Sissel Marie Ton and Lili Berger.

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