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Open Atelier for Biotopological Craftsmanship

The municipality of The Hague has granted me a subsidy to develop my work at artist incubator See Lab in The Hague. Between October 2nd and 23rd, I will open-up my practice for collaboration and develop new ways to share my work(ing process) with the larger public. If you are interested to join, don't hesitate to send a message.

Open Atelier

The current state of architecture is one of confusion. In the here and now we can find ‘records of both what we are ceasing to be and of what we are becoming’ (Braidotti, 2019). As part of an intensifying desire to contribute to the exploration of alternative visions and variant rhythms to existing ideologies, I have introduced biotopological craftsmanship as a life-affirmative, empathic-animistic approach to architecture. At See Lab, I will explore the potentials of biotopological craftsmanship for contemporary architecture practice. Under the title 'Open Atelier for Biotopological Craftsmanship', I will construct an environment that is both an exhibition space and a site for collective workshops and experiments. Together we question and experience how a life-affirmative, empathic-animistic approach to architecture can plant seeds of radical renewal and intensify the aliveness of our (built) environment.

Stay Tuned for the Full Program!

See Lab

Artist Incubator See Lab in The Hague is an artist-run cultural center founded in 2016. See Lab offers a a beautiful and versatile venue for practitioners looking for an opportunity to try out and experiment with new work and exhibition formats. They particularly encourage practitioners who have a project in mind which requires open experimentation with scale and formats, and therefor perfectly fits my ambition to experiment with the format of the traditional exhibition as laboratory for daily research. See Labs Project Space and Garden offer a solid breading ground to experiment with my landing-scapes for radical care. Both inside and outside environment allow for body-environment experiments and interventions.

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