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SENSING THE SHIPYARD: A SENSORIAL JOURNEY (2018) is a pedagogical research project organized as part of Sonic Acts Academy. The project was part of ongoing research into the transformation and rethinking of pedagogies in the artistic field, was conducted in collaboration with artist Nicky Assmann, spatial artist Cocky Eek and sound artist BJ Nilsen, and organized for students of the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Guided by a listening, moving, and breathing with that what crosses our pathways we tapped into the different rhythms of the Damen Shiprepair in Amsterdam. This terrain, located in the harbor on the north side of Amsterdam, next to the River IJ, is used to conduct numerous repairs on cargo and leisure ships. It is in operation for almost a hundred years and is bustling with energy and activity on an industrial scale. By recording the different sounds, movements and smells, and investigating surfaces and scales by touch, we explore this remarkable shipyard by sensorial mapping, whilst researching how we can recompose these location-specific stimuli into an experimental and experiential environment in which visitors embark on a sensing trip based on uncommon approaches to navigating through space.


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