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It is Going to Rain Soon


The spatial installation "It’s going to rain soon" is the result of the pedagogical project “Tiny Perceptions” as hosted on the rooftop of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In collaboration with students of the departments Architecture and Jewellery, this project presents five spatial installations in which the sun and the wind perform. This project is part of the long-term research cycle "Spacious".


A slightly rough texture, a minor vibration, a change in intensity of temperature or color.

Within our daily experience, as well as within the design process, tiny perceptions guide our way.


Architect: Renske Maria van Dam. Performers: Seonmi Shin, Laura Schurch, Juliette Delarue, Britt van Dam, Yuriy Krupey, Robbie Doorman, Mica Pan, Valter Torsleff, Wimke Dekker, Franca Ullrich, Florianne libilbehety, Neza Kokol, Kaja Boudewijn, Herman Berge, Herman; Gabi jand, Tania Phuong, and Alex Gasparis.

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